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“This was an outstanding seminar. Tony’s easy-going style, his knowledge, commitment to teaching and his passion for photography was evident in every aspect of this seminar. I left knowing that my photography will be vastly improved. Tony teaches his point of view, he doesn’t preach.”

“Tony is an extraordinary workshop instructor. I’ve attended many location workshops and none provided the superb combination of getting to great places at the right time with learning so many creative and useful shooting and post-processing techniques.”

 “The key is the creative atmosphere. At the end of the workshop, as we participants talked, we concluded that what made the experience great was not the location per se, but Tony, who 
pushed and helped us to be better photographers!”

 “What differentiates Tony is his ability to stimulate you to think outside the box and find your creative potential in terms of seeing, visualizing and processing.”

 “A superb experience. Tony and Susan’s enthusiasm is infectious and manifests itself in their desire to make sure everyone’s varied needs are met and exceeded.”

 “Tony’s artistic and creative perspective is a stimulus to make me move out of my routine way of seeing and making an image. The pairing of Tony and Susan’s instruction in their workshop 
setting provides an environment to experiment and learn while having a great time doing it.”

 “I was totally impressed by the openness, focus and attention that Tony and Sue gave to every single person in their workshop. I learned so much, not only about composition, but also about 
digital workflow, the use of Photoshop and plugins and how to better utilize my camera’s capabilities. By far one of the best workshops I’ve ever attended!”

 “I’ve attended many of their workshops and in every case most of the folks attending were returnees, testimony to the great experiences they’ve had with Susan and Tony.”

 “Tony and Susan form a remarkably effective duo. They are both very helpful when working with participants of any and all skill levels. They are fun to be with and it’s clear they very much 
want everyone to have a successful and enjoyable workshop experience.” 

 “I have attended several of Tony and Susan’s workshops and have come away every time inspired and with a wealth of new information and ideas.”

 “Tony and Susan define excellence in workshop leadership. They are outstanding photographers who work tirelessly to motivate, share knowledge and offer thoughtful critique. Their 
workshops provide an intensive experience for those who want to take their photography to a higher level.”

 “Tony is a master of color nature photography with a special twist. He adds his unique style and vision and his workshops are geared to individual needs. There is magic in the learning that takes place.” 

 “I have gained immensely from Tony’s critique service. I am a serious amateur and have submitted what I thought were some of my best images and almost always Tony is able to improve 
them a bit or, in many cases, significantly.”

“Best workshop I’ve been on (out of ten). Tony is extremely personable, helpful and knowledgeable – and does everything he can to provide the group and each individual with a first-class experience, no matter their skill level.”

 “Tony and Susan are a perfect team. They bring a synergy to their workshops that’s hard to imagine is available elsewhere. Both are devoted to helping participants develop their skills as fully as possible. They spend the entire time circulating, patiently answering questions, subtly suggesting subjects and techniques and generally making themselves available.”

 “I’ve used Tony’s critique service several times. I always learn a great deal and my photography has improved as a result. His approach is very straightforward and his ability to turn an image from good to great is remarkable. The critiques are provided in a video format with detailed screenshots and a voice-over that ensures I understand every comment and every step of his post-processing suggestions. And it’s available for me to watch whenever I want.”

 “They truly take an interest in their participants. I learned far more than I could ever have imagined and made a couple great friends in the process!”

 “Tony and Sue set you quickly at ease. No question is ignored and answers come easily to these true professionals. There is very little downtime so you’re always on the go. You get a lot of bang for your buck.”

 “I appreciated Tony’s generous and open style and unflagging energy and enthusiasm. I’ve never come back from a workshop with more keepers!”

“This workshop was amazing and far exceeded my expectations. Every detail had been precisely planned, so our entire workshop flowed smoothly. This class was the best investment I’ve made in my career as a photographer, and was so much fun I didn’t want to go to sleep at night!” 

 “Tony and Susan created wonderful opportunities for us to photograph in unique locations. The workshop helped us refined our skills, techniques and understanding of how to create wonderful images. Tony critiqued our work throughout the class and helped us understand how to refine our work using a variety of software tools.”

 “Tony is extremely genuine and has an incredibly infectious enthusiasm that would get anyone excited about photography. I haven’t stopped talking about his workshop since I came home.”

 “Tony was knowledgeable, affable, available and a pleasure to be around, as always. In addition to a wealth of conceptual and high-level principles, Tony took time to work examples step by step and illustrate his typical use of software tools and his thought process.”

 “Tony and Susan are a powerful combination of photography instruction. Whether it’s in the field or in the classroom, they both provide focused personal attention to each workshop participant. What I took away from their workshop will certainly help me produce better images in the future!”

“Tony’s Charleston workshop is a sweet instruction into photographing and editing the beautiful landscapes and locations in and around Charleston. After four days of intensive immersion in the beauty and possibilities of this area, you leave with a portfolio of photos worth sharing, worth printing and worth remembering.”

 “Tony and Susan are not only world-class photographers, they are excellent instructors with great and welcoming personalities. I learn a lot from their workshops, but never feel intimidated. I would highly recommend their workshops to anyone who wants to advance in photography, regardless of their level.”

 “Tony’s workshop helped me see “photo opportunities” differently and from a much more creative perspective. I now look for and find many opportunities that I previously would never have paid attention to.” 

 “A good teacher shows the student what is possible – and how to get there. Tony and Susan are a wonderful example of that! As time passes and I reflect on what was a very full four days, the experience continues to become richer. Thank you for expanding my horizons!”

 “Outstanding locations, high-caliber participants and great learning opportunities with two of the best high-energy workshop leaders around. Being with both of you and learning with you was great fun.”

“Tony is not only a great photographer, but also a great teacher. He created a positive learning environment that really helped me take some chances with my own art. The critiques were absolutely invaluable. I’d strongly recommend his workshops to anyone hoping to grow as a photographer.”

“Tony and Susan are always available with suggestions and even manage to track down wandering attendees to offer their insights. I enjoy their workshops immensely and appreciate their suggestions. Class time is enlightening and informative. They are warm and caring instructors – a “must do” for any photographer!”

“My first photography workshop with Tony and Susan was a wonderful learning experience. I’m already looking forward to the next one.”

 “Tony and Susan are not only very accessible, but regularly came by while I was shooting to see if I had any questions or to offer a new technique to try. I’ve been on a lot of workshops and, believe me, it’s very unusual for instructors to be so attentive, instead of being off shooting for themselves.”

 “What Tony has done to improve my photography is absolutely amazing. His ability to teach me how to pre-visualize, compose and develop photographs has allowed me to become more of an artist than I ever believed was possible. Tony is a truly remarkable teacher!” 

 “Tony is a wonderful human being, his humility is something to aspire to. This workshop was the first I ever attended. I’ve only been shooting for over a year and Tony was simply the best, taking us to locations I loved and teaching shooting techniques and software tools that were a perfect for my interests.” 

 “Tony and Susan’s tremendous knowledge, their enthusiasm for photography, the beauty of the locations and the camaraderie of the other photographers made their Smokies workshop an incredible photographic experience. I highly recommend this workshop for those wanting to go to the next level in their photography.”

 “I signed up for this workshop with two primary goals: To get some fantastic shots I’d be proud to share with friends and family and to learn to improve my photography skills. Both of those personal goals were achieved with resounding success, directly due to the tireless, friendly and professional efforts of Tony and Susan.”

 “The workshop size was just right for everyone to receive as much personal attention as they desired. Tony and Susan’s years of experience in this area were evident every day as we were led to the best locations at the best times that the changing weather would allow.”

“Tony’s workshop was so inspiring and such a great learning experience. It was well-organized and the shoots selected were ideal. What I loved was that it was geared to beginners, like me, and more experienced photographers, as well. The processing day was extremely helpful as were the critiques. He also sent us a lot more information in videos and notes. His passion is infectious and it was an unforgettable weekend for me. I would highly recommend Tony as a workshop teacher.”

 “The photographic opportunities were intense and rewarding, the critique sessions most constructive and the fellowship among participants and leaders truly friendly and enjoyable. The only real problem was that the days were too short!” 

 “Photography is made delightful when mixed with Tony and Susan’s knowledge and enthusiasm. They generously share their photography techniques, insight and wisdom. This makes for an enjoyable experience and a time to learn more and grow as a photographer.” 

 “This workshop provided an excellent opportunity for me to learn and explore new techniques and image ideas, while working with a consummate professional. Tony was always providing encouragement for me to see the whole image, whether as a broad vista or detailed close up. His enthusiasm is remarkable and his passion infectious. Your image-making will definitely improve as a result of the time you spend with Tony. Highly recommended!” 

 “I learned more useful techniques and information in this workshop than in any of the others I’ve taken. Tony and Susan are always available to make recommendations and suggestions. You really feel they want to do whatever they can to help you take better pictures. I’m really pleased I took this workshop and plan to attend more!” 

 “This workshop opened my eyes to a new way of seeing and making images. Many thanks for a great experience!”

 “I have been taking photography workshops for 19 years and Tony’s workshops are by far the best! Two thoughtful, prepared and supportive instructors – and great locations. What more could a photographer want?” 

 “Tony and Susan are fantastic teachers. Their knowledge of photography and popular software is great and their willingness to share their expertise is both generous and much welcomed.”

 “As always, your workshop preparation was flawless. You scouted superb places to shoot and we did not have to compete with any other group. The instructional part of the workshop was without equal and I especially enjoyed the image critiques. I look forward to attending another workshop with you and wholeheartedly recommend you to others!” 

 “Tony and Sue are wonderful instructors. They are caring and constructive. I had a great time on the trip and came away with good photos and even better ideas about photography.”

 “Experience and preparation coupled with exceptional talent make Tony’s workshops the best value for photographers of any skill level. His easy style and patience in a non-threatening, friendly environment ensures that every participant leaves with substantially more capability and knowledge than they had when they arrived.”

 “This was my first photo workshop ever and what a great experience! I learned more in a week than I’ve done in years. There are definitely many more workshops in my future.”

 “I’ve attended four of Tony’s workshops and have never come away disappointed. All of them were great!” 

 “Tony and Susan were wonderful instructors. They created a very relaxed and comfortable learning environment, yet they were also brimming with enthusiasm. Their love for photography and teaching was clear, and they freely shared their knowledge and passion. Their workshops will leave you inspired!”

 “Tony and Sue know their workshop locations intimately, so it always makes for a successful venture. With six of their workshops behind me I can honestly say that it’s always a very positive experience and worth every penny!”

 “Tony and Sue go out of their way to provide a friendly and inspirational experience.”

 “Tony is a master photographer and excellent instructor!”

 “There wasn’t any wasted time. Days were jam packed with photo ops or instruction. Learned something new every day!” 

 “Tony’s enthusiasm and knowledge of photography and the attention he gives to every student’s improvement, combined with his experience in photographing the workshop venue, made it a wonderful experience and well worth the time and money invested. I definitely plan to sign up for another workshop.” 

 “Photography is part education and part evolution of one’s talent. Tony’s workshops focus on both with hands-on photography, candid critiques and a personal drive to have you leave his workshop a better photographer.” 

 “Tony’s instruction and suggestions, both in the classroom and on location, will provide you with the knowledge and techniques to improve your photography. Both Tony and Susan circulate during shooting sessions to answer questions, offer advice and help as needed. They are always willing and able to answer questions and offer encouragement and advice.”

 “Tony has that rare ability to take his years of professional experience, willingly make it available in a sharing, non-intimidating and supportive environment, raising the confidence and ability of every person that he teaches.”

 “I came away from this workshop a better photographer because of Tony’s passion, dedication and patience. With Tony and Susan working as a team, no one’s needs are ever overlooked. From beginner to advanced photographer, you will walk away with a wealth of knowledge. Would I recommend taking a workshop with Tony? I can’t wait to attend another.”

 “Tony is a master of his craft and retains a refreshing humility and enthusiasm. He generously shares his wealth of knowledge with his students, holding nothing back. I learned far more than I ever expected and returned home with a whole new way of seeing and shooting. This was just the first layer of what Tony has to offer and I can’t wait to take another workshop with him!”


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