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Visual Artistry Location workshops

Our goal is to get you to the right place at the right time and help you capture the images you imagine .  Revisiting our locations many times over the years gives us a unique knowledge of each location, allowing us to have ultimate flexibility and work arounds to deal with changing conditions.

  Contact Susan to register or with any questions. When registering, please include your name, address, phone number and the workshop in which you're interested. Also,  Contact Susan to purchase a gift certificate for a workshop.


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Some of what you will learn in our workshops:

  • New shooting techniques and tips
  • Tighter, more focused composition
  • Seeing creatively
  • Long exposures
  • Infrared
  • Multiple exposures and image overlays
  • Creative texture overlays
  • Special effects (in camera and with software)
  • iPhone photography and apps
  • Software tips, tricks, and pro processing techniques using a variety of software, including Photoshop, Adobe Camera Raw, LuminarAI, Topaz, and more.

Every attendee receives the following:

  • Top priority attention in the field and in the classroom
  • Daily critique sessions (via Zoom during COVID)
  • Photo and location notes

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