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Tony Sweet’s Visual Creativity Seminars are one of the best ways to reinvigorate your own creative style. Learn how to shoot and process with a new creative energy and give your own work a fresh new direction to explore.

This is the most comprehensive and information packed workshop to date, this 4 hour plus seminar is refreshing, fast paced and full of shooting and post-processing information that will help any photographer, regardless of your skill level.


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Flower Photography Artistry DVD

In this program, Tony demonstrates many techniques from the traditional to more creative options that have given his flower images a distinctive look. Follow along in a private workshop as Tony shoots in the field at Longwood Gardens, then takes you back into his studio for a demonstration on some of his favorite post-processomg techniques. Tony also reviews an extensive gallery of images, discussing the methods he used to achieve some of his favorite flower photographs.

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Available through Master Photo Workshops
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Visual Artistry Instructional DVD

Join Tony on location in Charleston, SC and learn how to take advantage of digital optimization tools to give your images a unique, one-of-a-kind look. Understanding how digital post processing affects your photographs is invaluable while working in the field and can lead to new creative possibilities. Shooting in the spring, Tony works in a variety of locations from historic downtown Charleston and Drayton Hall to the magical landscapes of Magnolia Plantation and Gardens. Visual Artistry is filled with compositional technique, tips and tricks from Tony’s many years as a professional photographer. 213 minutes. Disc One – On Location. Disc Two – Digital Processing.

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Available through Master Photo Workshops
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HDR Made Easy DVD

Shot on location at Eastern State Penitentiary, HDR Photography Made Easy simplifies the steps (usingPhotomatix HDR software) of fine-tuning exposures in capture, merging with HDR software and tonemapping the final image. Ten compositions with a range of tonal challenges are set up, captured and processed. The program covers traditional, pseudo HDR and double-image processing. HDR Photography Made Easy will have you creating your own amazing HDR images in no time! 126 minutes.

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 Available through Master Photo Workshops
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Visual Literacy Instructional DVD

Tony’s new instructional DVD covers a range of topics, from image capture to digital processing. It is the first DVD in the MasterPhoto Workshop series. Disc 1 – In the Field: Join Tony while he shoots on site in the Smoky Mountains. Technique and thought process for each shot will be explained as he composes in the field. Disc 2 – In the Studio: The second half takes place in Tony’s home workspace and includes studio demonstration, overview of equipment, hardware, software, processing techniques and printers. 4.5 hours! DVD Reviews. 

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Available through Master Photo Workshops
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