New ebook:
“Creative Techniques and the Art of Self Expression”

Creative Techniques and the Art of Self Expression

Our newest ebook… available to download now.



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“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”  ………..Albert Einstein

We are excited to announce our latest ebook, Creative Techniques and the Art of Self Expression, the 6th book in our Fine Art Nature Photography series.

With 25 double-page spreads (50 pages) and easy-to-read text, this ebook is for those looking for new and user-friendly ways to expand their creativity; for those who want to look at subjects a bit differently, and for those who like short, easy-to-remember software tips.

Some of the creative techniques we cover include:

Color/infrared blends
Creative software techniques
Extreme long exposures
Processing, texturing and montages
Creative camera movement… and more

Here’s a sample two-page spread:

"Tony and Susan created wonderful opportunities for us to photograph in unique locations. The workshop helped us refined our skills, techniques and understanding of how to create wonderful images. Tony critiqued our work throughout the class and helped us understand how to refine our work using a variety of software tools."