Welcome to Tony Sweet Photography Workshops

Improve your photography skills at a photo workshop with Tony Sweet and Susan Milestone. Over 20 years of unique photography trips to superb locations. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or seriously pursuing fine art photography, you’ll not only have a great time, but you’ll also learn to take better pictures!

2017 Workshops

2017 Calendar

Jan 6-15:  Cuba Yr. 7 

Feb 5-9: Great Smoky Mountains Winter Shootout

March 26-30: Charleston Visual Artistry Workshop

April 2-6: Charleston Digital Edge Workshop

April 23-27: Smokies Digital Edge Workshop 

April 28-29: Tennessee PPA

May 3-4: Photography Club of Cape May

June 4-8: Palouse Visual Artistry Workshop

June 20-23: Smokies Digital Edge Infrared/ Long Exposure/ B&W

July 22-29: Iceland Summerama

August 28-Sept 1: Madeline Island School for the Arts

Sept 10-14:  Badlands NP Visual Artistry workshop

Sept 24-Sept 30: Iceland Aurora Madness

Oct 10-15: Acadia National Park

Oct 19-23: Cape Cod National Seashore

Nov 1-5: Smokies Summit

Fine Art Prints

New e-book!

We’re excited to announce our latest ebook, Creative Techniques and the Art of Self Expression, the 6th book in our Fine Art Nature Photography series. With 25 double-page spreads (50 pages) and easy-to-read text, this ebook is for those looking for new and user-friendly ways to expand their creativity; for those who want to look at subjects a bit differently, and for those who like short, easy-to-remember software tips. Find out more and purchase.


Quote 53

“Tony’s enthusiasm and knowledge of photography and the attention he gives to every student’s improvement, combined with his experience in photographing the workshop venue, made it a wonderful experience and well worth the time and money invested.  I definitely plan to sign up for another workshop.” 

Quote 55

“Tony’s instruction and suggestions, both in the classroom and on location, will provide you with the knowledge and techniques to improve your photography. Both Tony and Susan circulate during shooting sessions to answer questions, offer advice and help as needed. They are always willing and able to answer questions and offer encouragement and advice.”

Quote 51

“There wasn’t any wasted time. Days were jam packed with photo ops or instruction. Learned something new every day!” 

Quote 54

“Photography is part education and part evolution of one’s talent. Tony’s workshops focus on both with hands-on photography, candid critiques and a personal drive to have you leave his workshop a better photographer.” 

Quote 50

“Tony is a master photographer and excellent instructor!"