Sue and I are dedicated to photography instruction.

Our Philosophy

Susan and I have no photography secrets.

• We always have and will continue to readily share our personal shooting locations, software tips, and processing techniques with our clients.

• We want to help you improve your photography and post processing and to do that, you’ll have our undivided attention in class and in the field and we’ll share everything we know that can make you a more creative, confident photographer.

As many of the thousands who have attended our Visual Artistry landscape and nature photography workshops, Creativity Seminars, on-line courses, and many other events over the past 20 years will attest that we focus on you.  (see quotes in right panel)

In addition to using our cameras to set up compositions in the field and to illustrate shooting techniques, we don’t just get you to the right place at the right time and disappear. Sue and I circulate answering your questions, looking at your compositions and images, providing our best guidance, suggesting new techniques and assisting you in getting faster and more comfortable with your gear, and getting your shot.

During breaks in shooting, we focus on teaching you the latest post-processing techniques. We also include creative processing interpretations using the latest,  most powerful plugins, as well as providing helpful and supportive critiques of your final images. 

Take a look at some of our photography workshop locations to the left and on the Calendar page. We hope to see you at one of our upcoming photography workshops!

“I came away from this workshop a better photographer because of Tony’s passion, dedication and patience. With Tony and Susan working as a team, no one’s needs are ever overlooked. From beginner to advanced photographer, you will walk away with a wealth of knowledge. Would I recommend taking a workshop with Tony? I can’t wait to attend another.”