Pro photo critiques

Pro photo critiques

Take your photography to the next level

When I first started in photography, I joined a camera club and found the critique sessions to be very softball, therefore, not really helpful. Club president and mentor, Tony Gayhart, started an extracurricular club he called “Hard Knocks.” A small group of us showed up for the “honest truth” about our work. The critiques were totally honest, therefore, very helpful. My critiques on your work will be based on the “Hard Knocks” model: honest and supportive.

“As a repeat workshop attendee, I’ve found Tony’s personal critique sessions to be as invaluable as the workshop itself. Tony creates video critiques so interactive and personal that it’s like being there with him. More importantly, his insights and suggestions allow you to build on what you’ve learned and apply your own vision and creativity to your images. The quality of my work improved at a much faster rate when I followed up a workshop with Tony’s personal critiques. I can’t recommend them enough.”

How it works

  • Three months of critiques (up to 20 of your images per month – a total of 60 images) for only $600
  • Just email me your photos (or put them in a Dropbox folder)
  • I’ll email you a video critique of each of your images
  • The critique will include all aspects of composition, workflow and numerous tips on processing, plugin use and anything else that I can suggest to improve your images
  • Email support for follow-up questions and general advice is included
  • If you’re not satisfied with the first critique video, you can request and receive a full refund within 30 days of receipt of the video.


Here’s what your personal critique will look like (click to play)

 Contact Tony to get started or for more information.


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