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Mindshift Gear & ThinkTank Photo

Highly recommend MindShift’s Rotation 180 Pro backpack!

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Macphun Software

CK app cluster







Click on the logo (type in coupon code “tsweet” for 10% discount)  


On1 Software







On1 Software: 10% discount code – tonysweet10


Alien Skin Software

A great set of creative image enhancement tools. ExposureX, Bokeh, Snap Art, and more! 

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Athentec Perfectly Clear








Perfectly Clear is different from creative software in that it is not an image enhancement tool, but rather an image correction tool. Its award-winning technology applies 20 automatic corrections to overcome the way your camera distorts images. And with innovative features like Beautify, it makes it easy to look your best. Perfectly Clear doesn’t mask or saturate anything – it just highlights the beauty that was always there and makes your photos pleasingly vibrant.

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Belle Fleur Textures







Terrific texture collections.

Click here and use discount code SWEET10 for a 15% discount.


Flypaper Textures

Great texture sets I’ve used for years.

Click here and use discount code sweet for a 15% discount.


JixiPix photographic and artistic apps




Enhance your images with a wide range of artistic effects. Note: Works on 8bit files only

Premium Pack Plugins (what I use)

Premium Pack Desktop
Artista Series
Creative Collection
Ultimate Photography Suite

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Photomatix HDR software

One of the first and still one of the top HDR softwares.

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Topaz image enhancement plug-ins

Topaz plug-ins (currently 15), in my opinion, are absolutely “must-have” software tools.

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Xume Adapters – For those who use hardware filters, like NDs/ polarizers/ etc. Check this out!

Personally, I have this system on every filter and lens I use.

NOTE: Discounts are temporarily unavailable.




Home of the indispensable Hood Loupe. And their Steel CF and SD cards are the best! Made in the USA.

Click here and use discount code TSD10 for a 10% discount.



Creative effects lenses for DSLR and mirrorless camera, as well as mobile devices.

For workshop students and seminar and lecture attendees only. Contact me for discount code.


Life Pixel digital infrared camera conversions




Click here (Please select my name in the scroll down box at the end of the ordering process) to learn more about converting your camera, view tutorials, and to purchase a conversion.


Singh-Ray Filters

Simply put, the best filters you can use. They are always in use when I’m shooting. Highly Recommended.

Use discount code sweet10 for your 10% discount.

Click here to visit the Singh-Ray Filters website.



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