9/24-9/30/17: Iceland Fall Auroras

September 24-September 30, 2017 
Iceland Fall “Aurora Madness” – Year 2
Icelandic Odyssey Through Focus on Nature

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As images and scenes from Iceland appear more and more on social media, in advertising, and in movies, it is obviously a unique, accessible, and highly desirable photo venue. We will, of course, visit the famous and unique glacial lagoon (Jokulsarlon) with its black sand beach and (conditions permitting) large ice chunks before heading off to the first of our 3 incredible (and less populated) destinations. So we will take you out of the beaten workshop paths and into hidden gems of Icelandic nature.

Our Aurora Madness Icelandic Odyssey is 7 days all inclusive! And this is a great time to be there for Aurora photography as the skies can be more clear than later in the year. Aside from our prime goal, which is to capture auroras, the fall color is as good as peak color in NH in the states. Einar (owner of Focus on Nature) knows this time of year well, and knows where to go and when to go there. 

We can’t wait to return for a 2nd Aurora Madness workshop, to share this breathtaking location with our clients. Iceland is one of the last uncorrupted landscapes on the planet and we will be in an all-terrain-vehicle, dubbed “The Magic Bus,” exploring areas that are impossible to get to in a standard vehicle. There will be wi-fi (where accessible), water and provisions on the bus. From the wonderfully photogenic city of Reykjavik to the incredible, vast and varied landscapes, to the mind blowing glaciers, awesome waterfalls, geothermal springs, rugged coastlines, and turf houses (a personal favorite) and much more. This is a photo trip of a lifetime. Be prepared to be blown away!

Flexibility and hunting for exciting light and right timing is the name of the game. And the FocusOnNature team is experts in this. They are hunters for an exciting light and good timing, Every minute they focus on maximizing our time with a golden blend of field work and learning process. From arrival until you leave you are in the great hands of the FocusOnNature team. They book an early registration for you upon arrival, so even if you arrive very early in the morning the day before the workshop starts, you have your hotel room ready. Early evening before the workshop starts FocusOnNature invites participants to a pre-workshop supper at a nice restaurant in Reykjavik. The night at the end of the workshop is also included. The FocusOnNature team are great hosts and have great ambition that every participant is enjoying his time. They also don’t know the word “problem”, only “solutions”.


Watch the slideshow below to see some of the locations we’ll visit and
the types of images you could be shooting with us in Iceland.