On our first full day of scouting, it rained, then lightened up, then stopped, then a torrential downpour, then light rain. That was pretty much the day and will probably be a good part of our Smokies Winter Shoot Out. 

The Smokies is a great park. For those of us who have been photographing here for decades, one of the best conditions in the park are to shoot in a light rain. Everything is lush and saturated, even in winter. It is probably a little known fact that these conditions are also perfect for infrared. The saturated greens become iridescent whites in infrared-land. Today I shot about twice as much infrared as color.

Shooting in the rain is great fun provided you have the right gear and clothes. The following is what I use:

  1. Sturdy tripod with the Arthur Morris umbrella clamp.
  2. Waterproof shell
  3. Waterproof shoes OR NEOS overshoes.
  4. Goretex pants shell 
  5. Lens cleaning clothes
  6. Terry cloth towels

We start the workshop tomorrow and look forward to getting the group out into this great place.

Following are a few shots from our 12 hour scouting day (in the rain).

We have a rainy half day of scouting before the show starts at 4pm.

Please check out our site for all 2018 Visual Artistry Photography Workshops.

Thanks for taking the time and we’ll see ya online!