Infrared continues to be endlessly fascinating. During our Fall in Iceland Photo tour, a few weeks ago, I shot infrared as much as color. Iceland is quite green, and we were extremely lucky with clouds and moody skies, which are perfect conditions for infrared photography. Highlights can glow and clouded skies can attain more detail creating the infrared “other worldly” look, appropriate for the surreal landscape of Iceland.

Re: The lead image is a 9 vertical image stitched pan (manual exposure and focus) in late afternoon front light using the Really Right Stuff panning head, overlapping each image by 1/2. Nikon D800 converted to 720nm and 24-120mm lens.

The busiest part of the Island for tourists is the south coast because of ease of access to great photo venues. It is also one of my favorite parts of Iceland. Most of the images in this gallery were shot on the south coast.

That’s about it for Iceland, 2017!  FYI: There are 7 previous Iceland blogs made throughout our tour.

We are returning to Iceland July, 2018 (dates TBD), and at least 2 times in 2019.
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May 20-24, 2018

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