We always try to add a day after our Iceland workshop for some personal work and general relaxation with no agenda. However, on this trip, I really wanted to drive down to Vik, one of our favorite areas in Iceland.

When we arrived I was a little disappointed. The winds were so high that the ocean water was heavily in the air obscuring clear images. Sue and I got some food and shopped for family, hoping it would clear a bit. It didn’t. The salt water mist was getting worse and the sun was in the wrong location. We drove over to my favorite overlook to photograph the lead image. The closeness of the rock was great for separation. Because we were close to the rock, it was clear and sharp, but the mist in the background acted to separate the subject from the background. After a couple of warm up shots, I added the Singh ray 10 stop MorSlo (sweet15 for discount) neutral density filter to  achieve a 1 minute exposure. The first image blew my mind, so I shot a few different compositions, then we headed home and encountered interesting sunset light, as well as epic clouds and the omnipresent rainbows!

We leave tomorrow morning, with a heavy heart, as usual, looking forward to returning next July.

Here’s a small gallery from the day:

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Next stop, at the sign post up ahead, the Acadia zone next week!

Watch this space for Infrared and iPhone blogs.


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