Our last day on the road was an excellent day with various weather conditions, but mostly bright diffused light with patchy cloud. We stopped on the road to photograph tundra swans and Icelandic horses, then to several stops throughout the day, finishing up at a small, very picturesque little town named Eyrarbakki, with a fascinating history.

Our great and fun group are back home now. Sue and I are taking tomorrow to photograph in one of our favorite areas on the south coast, Vik. We’ve never had enough time when teaching and working with people in the field to relax and photograph this great place. We look forward to hanging out in Vik most of tomorrow and getting in some last minute gift shopping. Hopefully, the weather forecast holds up. It looks pretty good right now, although Vik is notorious for its rainfall.

Watch this space for a few more Iceland blog posts: Vik (the day after), iPhone in Iceland, and Iceland infrared.

All images made using the Nikon D850.

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Thanks for taking the time and we’ll see you online.


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