Day 6 was yet another rain day with periods of open sky. When not  raining, it was sleeting! Crazy weather. Even with the somewhat limited shooting time, I still prefer this to constant bright sun, as many of us do. The colors are more vivid and saturated, the clouded skies can be dramatic, and during light breaks, we saw quite a few rainbows. And, of course, jumping in and out of the van was a party. Another big Kudos to our partner, Einar of Focusonnature, for his incomparable everything in getting us to the best possible places in, shall we say, challenging weather conditions. His concern for our clients always paramount.

Keeping with my “policy” of not listing exact locations online because it may attract even more people to iconic locations, I apologize for those interested in where all of the blog images were made for not listing their locales. Also, many images were made at random stops while in route and are not marked locations.

We did quite a bit of driving on this very volatile weather day with very high winds to find breaks in the clouds, hence the smaller than usual gallery. However, we did rack up some frequent driving miles.

The final image, made on the way back to the hotel was at a waterfall, but the light was so flat with solid gray clouds, that it felt pretty hopeless, especially with the wind constantly spraying the front of the lens. Turning around to look for other possible scenes with the wind at my back, I noticed a faint cloud pattern that began to quickly reveal texture and line. Even in the most dire lighting, always keep an open mind and trust your instincts. On another day, I may have quickly returned to the car and drove off, but something told me to stay.

All images made with the D850.

That’s about it for now.

Thanks for taking the time and we’ll see you online for Day 7.


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