Day 4 was a rain day. We had class time and critiques. I got a chance to see what everyone was doing and there was some great work presented.

Day 5, we were back out in the field again working in a persistent drizzle and rain with sky breaks. It actually worked out quite well. Checking the maps we headed for a hole in the clouds for a KP5 aurora prediction. As we were on the way to dinner, we saw strong aurora lights in a small town. Cancelling dinner, Einar (CEO of Focus on Nature) took what seemed like a random road away from town to find a dark sky. Little did I know that he knew exactly where he was going. We drove into a farm. Einar opened the gate and drove into a field where we found ourselves facing the Aurora with a small group of fall trees in the foreground. Afterwards, Einar mentioned that he knew the farmer! This is exactly why we have been working with Einar and Focus on Nature for almost a decade. This is not the first time we had to scrap our agenda to fly by the seat to find a more suitable photo venue with very short notice. Intimate knowledge of every nook and cranny of this great country is invaluable to bringing a consistently great photo experience to our clients.

All images made the Nikon D850.

Here’s a few images from our day:

Watch this space for Day 6!

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Thanks for taking the time and we’ll see you online from Iceland as our tour winds down.


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