About a decade ago, just when the most popular hobby in the country (photography) was just getting going, we were all freaking out about where to go, and were all going to the same places…not too much unlike today. However, I’m just starting to internalize a quote from David Middleton who, in the midst of this frenzy, said, “Just shoot where you live.” Of course, we all blew that off because, who doesn’t want to go to AZ, UT, PNW, etc?  Well, no one doesn’t want to go, but that’s not really the point, is it?

I’m constantly reminded of the prescient quote by Jay Maisel, ” It’s not about going to new places. It’s about seeing with new eyes.” Exploring the MD and NJ’s “off the beaten path” locations has reinvigorated my interest in documenting a personal interpretation of a life style that will probably be gone in our lifetime. And these areas are close enough that I can visit whenever I have time, as it’s a small investment in time and travel. Aside from all that, the subject matter is relatively untouched, photographically, engendering excitement over the possibility that I may make an image that isn’t already posted 1.5million times on social media!

Most of the images in the gallery are color infrared, which lends a vintage, almost surreal look. The black and white image were first rendered in color infrared, but didn’t look right, hence the black and white processing, which was apparent quite quickly that the B&W was the way to go. The only true infrared was blended with a very diffused layer, creating the true infrared glow. Then the final image “rework from Wildwood,” was a rework from the original, after finding a way to keep the feeling of isolation while dealing effectively (I think) with the negative space.

We hit the road starting next weekend until July!

We are quickly building a list of interested people and registrations for our Portugal tour(s) in May, 2015. Please EMAIL to get more information!

*** Memorial day thoughts go out this day, and every day, to my Dad and his WWII brothers (The Greatest Generation), and to my Vietnam era brothers (1968-1971). 

Thanks for taking the time and we’ll see ya online!


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