Today was “casual day” at Magnolia. With no agenda but to just enjoy our last day here until March, 2015, my day began continuing my multiple exposure series, but got side tracked with infrared and some birds! Sue went off on her own for while to create more stellar images, then Sue and I took the tram around the back part of Magnolia and will bring our bikes next year to ride those back areas. 

After going back to change gear to shoot multiples with my D3X, I ran into our great friend, Jed Manwaring. As usual, we talked for a long time, but he had to go when a client needed his help. A little later we ran into his partner and another great friend, Brenda Tharp! And, as usual, we engaged in another of our long conversations, then Sue joined us! It was and always is great spending time with Jed and Bren and hope that another year doesn’t go by without seeing them again, but it looks like we won’t see them again until Cuba, 2015, when we will both be co-leading groups there at the same time.

Sue and I spent our last hour of so in the Audobon Swamp. Not being a bird photographer, per se’, it’s difficult not to take advantage of bird photo ops when they are flying around, nesting, right in front of us! With birds constantly flying around to get sticks to build their nests, or to be more specific, when the males brought sticks back for the females to build the nest, I decided to use the high continuous function, where we have, I believe, 5 shots/ second. There are a couple of images in the gallery captured this way.

Also, adding the Singh Ray iRay infrared filter worked great, and the exposures were much faster, relatively speaking, at one minute. (if interested, call Singh Ray direct at 1-800-486-5501)

Anyway, we leave Charleston with our usual heavy heart tomorrow, but look forward to a week at home then to the Smokies for two workshops. Anyone interested in joining us, email Sue! This is our last spring for a couple of years, as we will be in Portugal next April at the same time! Any interest there, please email me!

Here’s my small gallery from the day:

Thanks a lot for visiting and we’ll see ya online during our drive home tomorrow.