What to do on my day off…and e-book.

Edisto Dawn

We finished up our first of two consecutive workshops in one of our favorite venues, Charleston, SC. And, as usual, work produced by our folks was outstanding and a source of inspiration (and new ideas!) Normally, we have a couple of days off, but this year, only one day off, as we have a private event on Kiawah Island tomorrow. Our next (software intensive) “show” starts on Sunday.

I take our groups out to the coast for the tree snags at dawn, which is always a great venue. We had a great day with the troops a couple of days ago, and on our only day off this trip, (Sue stayed in to catch up on some zzzz’s), I went back with a few workshop clients (me being largely off the clock) and had a great time photographing with them, working with MH to help solidify his long exposure technique.

We had a particularly colorful sky with very slowly moving clouds. Even at 4 minutes of exposure, the movement was minimal, but was enough to soften the look. The Singh Ray 10 stop, later the 15 stop MorSlos performed flawlessly (if interested in these great filters, CALL Bob Singh directly at 800-486-5501). However, I did forget to cover the camera and had light leak on the first image of the day! The cable release plugged in to the side of the camera facing the sun, so flare appeared. Covering the camera with my hat solved the problem.

Don’t forget, if you don’t want to take time to figure out long exposures, get the app: LongTime.

Our seminal Fine Art Photography book series has been digitized by Stackpole and Fine Art Digital Nature Photography is available in various digital formats. The other 4 books will be added soon!

CLICK HERE or on the book to get info and to order


 Featured Plugin: Athentech’s Perfectly Clear (discount from the discounts page)

I’ve been using this PS plugin on almost every image as the first step in the process, especially effective on images that are a bit flat. Super high end, powerful, and great as an added layer for masking! 

2014 Visual Artistry Workshops are filling. Only a few spaces left!

We’re planning our fall/winter Creativity Seminars! Any locations ideas? Let us know!

Thanks for taking the time and we’ll see ya online!




4 Responses to What to do on my day off…and e-book.

  • Hey Dick! Always great to hear from you, albeit, too infrequently! We will discuss the X system at length at GFM. However, there is no cable release hole on the shutter release on the XT1. Look forward to seeing you!

  • Tony,

    I just bought the X-E2, X-E1, 18-55, 55-200 and 60mm macro and am in the process of giving this gear a workout. So far, I have been impressed by a lot but I am very worried about the “light leak” issue you mentioned. I thought this was confined to the X-T1.

    TIP: As for remote shutter release, I am using the old fashioned mechanical threaded cable release which works on the X-E2 and X-E1. A lot cheaper than the RR-90 for the X-E2 or the RR-80 for the X-E1 and then I don’t have to fiddle with positioning the L-bracket to allow for the cord on the side of the camera. The mechanical release also works nicely when I am shooting continuous images.

    I am going to be very interested to see your take on the Fuji X system. I pretty much shelved my Canon gear a year ago in favor of experimenting with the Nikon 1 V1 which can produce some nice images but has significant limitations. The Fuji image quality rocks and as for noise, what noise???

    All my best to you and Sue.

  • Tony, looking forward to your workshop on Kiawah. You’ve gotten some fantastic images so far. You’ll enjoy the island.

  • wow … as I wrote before, Tony, your colors rock :)

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