Falling in line with the breath taking passage of time these days, this first full workshop flew by. After a private local event on Saturday, we begin our (full) software intensive workshop on Sunday. As stated in a previous post, photographing repeatedly in a great location will always yield new and different images.
Charleston 2015 workshops to be announced soon!! Watch this space!!

RE: the lead image, I’ve been trying to catch this guy for years, and this morning…fait accomplie’!!

After getting, what people may refer to, as “the shot(s),” we are free to shoot a little looser, trying different things and not worrying about anything but enjoying the outdoors. Isn’t that way we got into this in the first place? 

After another morning on a different part of Botany Bay (tomorrow EARLY!), I’ll be exploring new locations to take our next workshop group.

Following is a small gallery of images from the week:

The beginning optimization on most of images is a layer of Athentech’s Perfectly Clear! Check it out, along with many other discounts!!

Please check out our 2014 Visual Artistry workshop schedule, where we have only a few openings remaining!

Thanks for taking the time and we’ll see ya online!


p.s. If interested in Singh Ray filters, please call direct: 1-800-486-5501