The inescapable power of mood


 When a therapist is seeing a creative patient considering mood altering medication, before the prescription is written, the patient is warned of a caveat (well known to any intensely creative individual), that the drug may alter the creative process. Creatives know that all that juice resides in the dark part of the mind. It’s a trade off. At times, not a fun one.

Whether anyone has noticed or not, people who reside in the creative world often make the news dealing with depression issues. And being in the arts my entire life, to date, it is well known that artists opt for dealing with the emotional roller coaster than to feel a bit more balanced, but losing that creative edge. This is not news. But, an interesting thing happened today after I posted the lead image on 500px.

Here’s the first comment from Jerry Cagle

“Tony, This is a remarkable image. The context (both the physical and photographic) is disturbing yet compelling. Somewhat “darker” than your usual work.”

Quick background: Because of the incredible amount of up front work, scouting, weather vagaries, and attention to details, I always…..that’s Always…..go through a period of mood swings until the event gets under way. 

So, I found Jerry’s comments remarkable and perceptive. Someone who doesn’t really know me at all noticed a marked difference in mood, which, not coincidentally was occurring (black hole time), and that he felt compelled to say it, which I found fascinating. Fascinating that my mood came across so profoundly to a virtual stranger, and that I am surprised that it did. Not sure why I was surprised, I mean, don’t we want our feelings, emotions, and mood to come across in our work? That also means that every so often, someone will get into your head when least expected!

Just a reminder that every image we make is a self portrait, a snap shot of a moment in time. 

The camera does point both ways, sports fans!

Anyway….just a thought.

We start the show in a couple of hours and I’m getting psyched, which is also my natural emotional progression.

We’re fired up and ready to go in Charleston!

Thanks for taking the time and we’ll see ya online!


6 Responses to The inescapable power of mood

  • As always, beautiful work and commentary. Good luck with the coming workshop season and keep sharing.

  • Tony,

    I understand what you are talking about as my incredibly creative sister suffers from depression. Keep safe and sane my friend.

  • I love this image. So unusual. I’m fascinated by the painterly look of the background. Did you add the painterly effect, and if so, what did you use? I know you’ve used Alien Skin on some things in the past.

  • The lead image for your post on 500px is dark, even a bit forbidding, but very compelling. I was drawn to it the moment I saw it.

  • Thought provoking post.

  • I would like to see more of this kind of input in photography blogs. Good stuff.

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