Charleston, 2014. Day 1


Whenever I think we’ve pretty much maxed out a location, at least for the time being, I’m proven wrong every time. It’s only human nature to seek out patterns and actually different patterns. No matter how often we visit the same place and even the same subject, our minds search for new ways to view/see the same thing. All that we have to do is to keep out of our own way and let it happen. Letting go of pre-conceptions sounds easy……’s not. For a few, it’s just the way they are wired, but for the rest of us, it takes some work.

First off, to even be aware of our pre-conceptions involves a heightened sense of self awareness, unfortunately a state to where most of us seldom, if ever, arrive. However, luckily (or unluckily) for me, my Italian guilt background has a hard wired aspect to it, which is not always good, but does get me into the heightened self awareness realm. Also, as a jazz musician, the improvised thought process and innate ability to let go of preconceptions is totally transferable to the more spontaneous aspects of photography.

I am surprised that I have been able to take a step deeper into interpreting Magnolia gardens on our first short outing before our first of two workshops begins on Sunday.

Here’s a small gallery from the day.

We have two packed houses  here in Charleston, and have only a few openings left in our remaining 2014 Visual Artistry Workshops. If interested in more info and/ or to register, contact Sue!

Watch this space for more from Charleston!!

Thanks for taking the time!


11 Responses to Charleston, 2014. Day 1

  • Magnificent shots, as always. I love those cypress tree shots – there was so much debris & pollen on the water Monday morning that I couldn’t make anything of the scene. Leave it to Tony to make magic!

  • Hi Tony
    the two swipes are my favourtes!
    I dare to say, that I still love your color photos most and associate great colors with your photography.
    Nevertheless I understand the continuous search for new styles, interpretations, directions and the desire to create something different or doing a step forward or to another position – I guess we are all the same :)
    Good luck on your way!

    ps: have you submitted work from the Fuji-cameras to stock agents? are they accepting them?

  • The latest ACR through PS, Wayne. Thanks much, man!

  • Love the photographs. What software are you using to process the X-T1 files, since lightroon has not released an update to read the raw data?

  • Love the cypress gfns one, the swipe 2, and color splash the most!! Great job, hoping your workshops go really well.

  • Don’t have the 60 macro yet but after seeing your shot I think it will put it on the list. Really wanted to make it to the Smokies this year but back surgery put the kibosh on that. I’ll have to live vicariously thru you’re images.

  • Loved every one of them. Magical place captured by the Master. Can’t wait to get out there with my XE 2.

  • Hi Tony- Love your post and new interpretation of the gardens. Looking forward to your workshop on Kiawah.

  • Great set as ALWAYS bossman. Love the swipe 2 and COLOR SPLASH!!

  • Tony, these are beautiful. I can’t wait to get back in the saddle.

  • Uusally I can look at an image and say: “That’s one of Tony’s”. However, “canoe” and “Cypress Gardens” don’t fit that mold and demonstrate your unique quality to go a new way and do it exceptionally well very quickly. The macro flower – it takes a LOT to get me to applaud a flower image – encore, encore please – great image!

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