The Fuji Xpro 1 loves the Badlands (First field test)



During our Badlands workshop, I’ve been shooting primarily with the Fuji X Pro 1 and the 14mm, 18-55mm, 60mm (macro), and 55-200mm lenses. Although, I must say that I still felt the pull to grab the D800 on many occasions (gallery coming soon!).

Now, the X Pro 1 is not a D800 and I wouldn’t take the X Pro 1 (yet) into weather conditions where I would have no problem grabbing the D800, and of course, there’s the beefier build, 11 stop bracketing range, and multiple exposures available on the D800. 

In general, I was completely blown away by the X Pro 1 system, which weighs in at about 7 lbs in a shoulder bag. Let’s see….hmmmmm……35 lb backpack…..7 lb shoulder bag…….35 lb backpack…….7 lb shoulder bag……..7 lb shoulder bag!

Actually, I was thinking of taking the X Pro 1 system and my D800 and a couple of lenses to Cuba. That has been pared down to taking only the X Pro 1 system. Although, the screen was a bit grainy in low light, the images were not. The sharpness is remarkable and the file size is 91.4MB at 16bit!
I NEVER used AWB, until using the X Pro 1. On this camera AWB (Auto White Balance) works great!

So…….Ease of operation – check. Light weight- check. Short learning curve – check. Quality of lenses – check. File Quality – check +!
Ergonomics? Ergonomics??
Well, let’s get into that a bit. First off, for any camera body, you’ll need to get an “L” bracket. The RRS bracket adds a higher profile grip. Highly Recommended!When you start grabbing the camera, you’ll find that your thumb involuntarily moves the exposure compensation dial, which can be quite annoying. I added the Thumbs Up accessory by Match Technical, and the Beep Bug, which may seem cosmetic, but I have quickly gotten attached to as a soft release and larger on/off button. Both, Highly Recommended! Oh yeah….the Thumbs Up accessory coupled with the RRS grip feels rock solid.


I thoroughly enjoy using the Fuji X Pro 1 and it’s one of the few cameras that feels so good in your hands (after adding the aforementioned accessories), that it actually makes you want to get out there and take pictures! BONUS: Being a rangefinder, there no need for a tripod for general shooting in average light, although mounting on a tripod is always a good idea for best image quality in lower light and/or when using high apertures. BONUS2: The high ISOs are outstanding!

COLOR?? Fuji has always been the color company, aptly exemplified when processing the images, especially the soft pastel reds of dawn and dusk.

Here’s a few X Pro 1 images from our week in the Badlands:

We’ll be scouting out an old ghost town today, than back to Wall to begin packing. We’re heading back home tomorrow morning.

Don’t forget, because of the inexplicable difficulty in filling this workshop, it is not on the 2014 schedule, unless interested people email susan directly.

More blog posts from the Badlands coming soon!!

Thanks for taking the time to visit and we’ll see ya online!


p.s. We have a few emergency openings for our NH and Acadia fall workshops.

p.p.s. Registrations are open for our Creativity Seminar series!

23 Responses to The Fuji Xpro 1 loves the Badlands (First field test)

  • Hi,just got my xpro+18-55.(used).i am just a casual shooter(travels/street).i must add..this combo is the best so far..its just gorgeous to hold and shooting with THE 18-55,is plenty enough for me.(always a one camera ,one len,guy.)cheers.

  • I agree, Elliot. It’s really tough to fully disengage from the D800, but it’s getting there, man. Currently using X Pro 1 as my prime camera, along with the XE2 and will pick up an XE1 for infrared. I”m a little concerned with how rugged it is, but it’s probably a non issue since my days of scaling the walls at Zion are over!

  • Other site: http://www.blueridgephotography

    Glad to see the Fuji x system in your hands. I have switched all my gear to several Fuji x bodies and lenses. Now,being old does not mean a shortened shooting time in the field..:)

  • Wonderful images, Tony. I also find the X-Pro1 to be excellent for landscape; I’m particularly enamored of the 14mm.

    I’m heading to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons for vacation this week with my X-Pro1.

  • Thx much, Steve! You live in a great part of the country (most of the year…)! I’m considering adding the XE-2 when it comes out.

  • Glad you are enjoying our Badlands. I live in nearby Rapid City and make it a point to visit a few times every year. I opted for the X-E1, with 14 and 18-55 and a Thumbs Up and Bop from Match Technical. I carried it all day long for 16 days in Italy in May and loved it for the images and the light weight. Next trip I am adding the telephoto.
    I really enjoy your landscapes – you have a great eye for angles.

  • Thank you Julius! I will be adding more lenses to my X Pro system, still holding onto my Nikon System, though…for a while….

  • Stunning images – i am waiting for more. Would like to visit that locations again, unfortunately it is not the nearest way for me to come there.
    I also love the lightweight x Pro gear and sold my Mk2. 90 MB+ means RAW exported to a 16 bit TIF.

  • Much appreciate the comment, Bill. Looking forward to expanding the system and thanks again for your guidance and suggestions moving me into the Fuji system.

  • Headed out there Wednesday to speak at the Black Hills Photo Shootout, I’m taking almost exactly the same kit, except I’m using the X-E1 And the X100s, love them and I agree with all your points!!!! The lighter weight and stunning glass have gotten me infected with child like enthusiasm again! By-The-Way I also have the 35 f 1.4 it’s stunning as well! Glad to see us old dogs can learn new tricks! Just got back from Glacier where the X System got a workout and performed wonderfully, even in the rain!
    Takecare my friend, personal note… Ran into David and Mark Muench, they sent their best!

  • I don’t understand how the file sizes are at 90+mb? I use a X-E1, same sensor, shoot raw + jpeg and my raws are 26.1 and jpegs are only 5-6 mb.

    How in heck do you get to 90+

    Love the images.

  • Let me add to the AWB comment…. I too have always shot in SUNNY or Daylight… with my Fuji’s (X-PRO and X-E1) I shoot in AWB. I also shoot jpeg and RAW. What happens is when you open the file in your RAW converter it comes in with the AWB setting applies and is almost alway spot on EVEN in sunrise and sunset situations. It really is remarkable.

  • This is great, Dave. We will definitely blog a precise comparison of the two systems. Great idea and great project! See you soon!

  • I, too, have been drawn by the lure of a lighter high-quality camera system to supplement or replace my Canon gear. I opted for the Sony NEX 6 and a couple of lenses. The lure of the Sony was the retractable 16-50mm zoom lens, which makes the camera very portable when I need to put it into a (large) pocket. The 24mm Zeiss lens, which I also have, produces really sharp images. So far, the photos seem outstanding. Maybe we can compare output in New Hampshire.

  • Great review and terrific captures Tony. And after my recent trip to Olympic National Park, I can most certainly relate to the 35 pound backpack (Ugh!) vs the 7 pound shoulder bag comment! :-)

  • I normally set my WB to sunny, adjusting some images in post. On AWB, the camera seems to adjust the WB in various situations and my WB adjustments in post are very minimal.

  • Tony, I’m not sure I understand your AWB comments. In Raw mode, it shouldn’t matter. In JPEG mode, AWB strives to make everything look like mid-day light, not quite what one wants for sunrise and sunset shooting.

  • Thx much!!

  • Same quality, Ellery! You’ll love it!

  • Oh, and by the way, wonderful images.

  • Just bought the Fuji XE-1. Can’t afford the pro! LOL!
    Can’t wait to go out shooting.
    Looking to use it in Israel on my travels throughout the country but particularly for shuk (market) and street shooting.

  • You might want to have a look at the Fuji X Pro 1 system, Ray, seriously. No One is more skeptical than I of anything but high powered full frame systems, but this Fuji Xpro 1 just floored me!

  • I gotta say Tony, you got some stunning images there. Thanks for sharing all this info.
    They(the manufacturers) don’t make it any easier for us, do they? Do I upgrade to a full frame, get better glass for my current camera or maybe switch to a mirror-less system…. decisions, decisions…

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