We added a full day iPhone seminar after our 5 day workshop. A few interesting things happened. I kept putting off writing the class until the night before. Normally, writing a class is difficult to do for me intentionally. I get a few ideas and let them germinate until the class ideas come together, then it goes pretty smoothly. Admittedly, a risky proposition, but it’s always seemed to work for articles, books, DVD story boards, etc. Well, in this case, it was a bit slow, so I tried to help the process along with a couple glasses of really good wine…..it didn’t work as quickly as I thought it should. Things came together conceptually at about midnight and it took until about 4 am to get the show and spiel finished. I tried to crash, as I had to be at the school at 0815.

After tossing around like a mexican jumping bean for about an hour, I got up and ran through the show a few times, made coffee, and headed off to the Arts Center. Aside from a few slides that kept showing up repeatedly (due to lack of sleep), everything went well. After a short shooting session after lunch, we came back for an afternoon processing session, seeing the apps discussed earlier in the day in action! The day flew by, and I crashed pretty early.

So, I have a full day iPhone seminar in the can, ready to go!

I’ll be extending the material to have a beginning, intermediate, and advanced presentations. And, of course, keep totally current on the hippest full resolution apps!

If anyone is interested in discussing “A Day in the Life in iPhone-land” presentation for your group, club, organization, meet-up group, etc., please contact susan@tonysweet.com

Following is a gallery of iPhone images and a few shooting notes, most made during our short time at the Sherman Farm in Coupeville.

Oh yeah, before I forget, we have a few openings in our Visual Artistry workshops in the Badlands and in our Fall in Acadia workshop, both of which covers some iPhone photography and app-lications! Contact susan@tonysweet.com for more information and/or to register!

Thanks for taking the time and we’ll see ya online!